Sunday, 8 May 2016

The Red Arrows

I know this isn't wildlife but I just wanted everyone to see these pictures and videos that I got of them.  The Red Arrows haven't done a proper display at Shuttleworth for 30 years!!  We are standing in our garden taking these photos because they were flying over our house.

Thursday, 13 August 2015


I have always loved meercats and the way that they stand up and watch for danger so I just think that they had to come on this blog for their cuteness.


These are most of the birds at the Zoo.  Feel free to name the ones I haven't named and correct the ones I have named (if they are wrong of course!).

White whistling duck





White stork


These are some butterflies from the Butterfly House at Whipsnade Zoo.  There are some more photos further down this blog.

Indian leafwing

Indian leafwing

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Sea-lion splash

The sea-lion show is a very popular thing at the zoo and we watch it each time we go.  There are three main sea-lions and they quite like to splash the little children.  Bailey, the oldest female has just given birth to a baby called Oscar who likes to sleep.  
My favourite part in the sea-lion show is where the sea-lions jump up and touch the balls.


Long neck

At the Zoo they have built a new giraffe viewing platform so you can get at the same height as the giraffes.  This giraffe was the only one who wanted to come outside.



Every time I have been to the Zoo I have never encountered a baby Mara.  At first there was one feeding and then came another one out of the nest and that one started to feed as well.  I think they are really cute and I want one as a pet!

Feeding time